Friday, August 08, 2014

Five Controversial Things I’ve Learned From C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis remains unbelievably popular, selling more books today than when he was alive (1898-1963). Time even named him today's "hottest theologian" a few years ago. And yet, as I've done research for my upcoming book, I've discovered that he is often misread and, if he's properly understood, he could be amazingly controversial.

Here's a sketch of five of those topics, written in lapidary form, which I hope to expand to a full-on post some day soon.

1.     I’ve learned from Lewis that that materialism is an ongoing, ancient threat to good philosophy and human flourishing. It is nothing new. It also needs to be continually resisted.

2.     Lewis did not read the Bible as an evangelical. For him, the Bible did not equal the Word of God; it “carried” the word of God.

3.     Lewis was very clear about the danger of feelings, which we often associated with the “heart.” To split the “heart” and the “head” is contrary to good spiritual practice and Jesus’s teachings. It is also dangerous to be guided by our emotions.

4.     Lewis taught me that there is a common stock of ethics for all humankind.

5.     Suffering is a tremendous problem for the believer, but it is only faith in God that offers suffering a purpose.

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