Wednesday, August 06, 2014

20 Tips on Saying Yes to No

Last night I came across a list of twenty tips on how to say yes to no (which, of course, is form the book of the same name). 
I thought it was worth posting...

  1. Always say No mindful of a clearer Yes 
  2. Say No with compassion
  3. Say No with conviction
  4. When someone asks for a task you can't do, say No and find a substitute for yourself
  5. Remember Nos sometimes take courage to carry out
  6. True success means being on the right path and saying No to the wrong ones
  7. Recall that No = focus
  8. The art of negation: For Michelangelo to sculpt the David he had to chisel away at the raw marble. We need to chisel away with Nos to find the hidden masterpiece 
  9. Keep your Nos in front of you
  10. Keep Nos strategic
  11. Be open when life says No
  12. Use the power of No to restrict technology's reach
  13. Say No to work and obligations 30 minutes/day and one day a week (breakouts or mini-Sabbaths)
  14. Say No to control (or pray "let it be")
  15. No who you are: live with integrity
  16. Say yes to No lies to yourself or anyone else
  17. Say yes to No toxic relationships
  18. In order to know your spouse you've got to say No to infidelity
  19. Keep in mind you're always saying No to something
  20. Beyond saying the right Nos lies God's Yes for you 

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